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Great Britain 2022

Great Britain 2022

Well this was a weekend of several parts thats for sure! Wednesday saw me on Llanvihangel for the DH Jubilees, Leander and Bahamas. A nice pairing and they looked and sounded good climbing up the bank. Thursday saw us set off to follow The Duchess of Sutherland down into Cornwall. First stop Oath, where not to put too fine a point on it I was really angry at a woman who waited until the Duchess hove into view before deciding to exit her car right in front of my lens! I haven't edited it out as it would have made too short a shot. Then off to Beambridge, South Brent and Treboul where we saw her tackle the climbs with ease as expected. As Friday was a rest dau we took the opportunity to go up onto Dartmoor. Saturday started off appallingly. We left our hotel in Plymouth early to get to Bodmin Parkway, which we duly did and arrived 1/2 hour before the arrival time, only to find to our horror that as we stood on the platform it appeared and went past! So no first shot! Off to Littlehempston we went and got a lovely shot of the climb to Dainton, followed by a drive to Burlescombe where I struggled to find a shot somewhere where there weren't dogs, children and loud adults. I think I managed it! Final shot saw us racing towards Taunton for the final shot at Bathpool, only to find that the road from Creech was closed! The minutes were ticking by and an extra 10 mins on the road saw us at Bathpool, thankfully just before the Duchess arrived! Well that was GB 2022. I hope you enjoy the shots I have put together.
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